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Alone Convertible Pesos are accepted

The official currency is the Cuban Pesos whose import or export is forbidden.

The Convertible Peso (CUC) it has been revalued with regard to the North American dollar in 8% and it possesses all the force liberatoria inside the national territory.

The dollar USA no longer circulates it . It is recommended the tourists not to bring dollars USA, then there is an obligation, to the change, of 10%. In the marine ones international, terminals of cruises and stores duty free of the airports can pay herself with dollars USA the obligation of 10% then she incorporates to the price.

She can pay himself directly with Eurus in Varadero, Cayo Largo, Gardens of the King, beach Santa Lucía in Camagüey, beach Covarrubias in The Tunas and the beaches of Holguín (Guardalavaca, Don Lino, Esmeralda, Pescador).

It is possible to change any currency, dollars even USA, to convertible pesos (CUC) in airports, banks and hotels, and re- exchange at the end of the stay in the country.

In the main towns Houses of Change exist (CADECA CORP.) for the conversion of foreign currencies in Cuban pesos and convertible pesos (CUC). The bank net is represented by diverse entities, it covers the national territory and it possesses modern technology and interconnection. The prices in tourist facilities are fixed in CUC. Cards of Exact credit are accepted, Transcard, Approves and MasterCard whenever they have not been emitted by American banks or their branches.

They exist, also, means of payment of national use emitted by the International Financial Bank (cards BFI) and for the banks of Credit and Trade, Subway, Popular of Saving and BICSA (cards Net).



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