Existing regulations in Cuba

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The Customs of the Republic of Cuba has between other missions the detection and the clash to the drug trafficking, the terrorism and the contraband, as well as the protection of the population, the national industry and the environment, for what it must apply control panel to the persons and goods that enter or go out of Cuba.

In any of the points where you come or go out of the country, it is already a port, an airport or a marina, it will think inspectors and customs specialists professionally qualified that they are in the disposition and obligation to improve its steps and to offer to him all the information that you request.


* Those who visit the country must have a current passport or a document of trip sent to its name and corresponding visa or card of the tourist. This one will be able to be requested in the Cuban consular representations, in the travel agencies, air lines and in the International Airport to its I arrive to Cuba.

* There exist two types of visa or card of the tourist: one for individual tourists or for tourists who travel in group. Businessmen, journalists according to work, and not resident natives of Cuba or who show another nationality, will have to obtain a visa sent in a Cuban consulate.

* To the resident persons in the United States the entry to our country is not recorded to them in its passports.

* To its exit of the country he will have to pay $ 25.00 airport CUC for tax.

* From 2010, it is obligatory to be provided with a medical insurance to enter Cuba, since it is necessary to present the insurance policy in customs to be able to enter the country.


* They are exempt from taxes: the objects of personal use, proper jewels, cameras or of video, sports effects and preparations of fishing, 2 bottles of liquor, a pasteboard of cigarets and up to 10 kg of medicines. Also, articles can be imported by a value of up to 250.00 USD; of this sum, 50.00 USD is exempt from payment and for the remaining 200. 00 USD there must subscribe a tariff of 100%.

* The customs laws prohíben the revenue of pornographic material, drugs, narcotics, living animals and firearms, although the above mentioned yes can be authorized, when it is a question of weapon for the sports hunting, by the entity in charge of this tourist form.

* There is allowed the exportation of works of art, antiquities, and other cultural goods protected legally, with the due papers of the institutions competent and credited with the buy invoice.

* The maximum value of exportation of other articles is thousand dollars. The craft does not need of papers for its exportation.

* For the exportation of tobacco (more than 50 cigars) the visitor will have to present the invoice of Havana cigars S.A. which will have to protest on having done the buy in any shop of the country.

Suggestions to the passengers to improve the office of its belongings and to avoid unnecessary inconveniences:

* To fill correctly the customs Declaration when it corresponds.

* To bring the articles that enjoy exemption of payment (medicines, etc) in bundles separated and independent from the rest of its baggage.

* To fit the value of the import to the authorized limit for 1000 pesos.

* Not to bring excessive quantities of the same article, from which it could be presumed that its import has a commercial character.

* Not to bring articles that are subject to permissions or licenses of other organisms without possessing previously the Document of Authorization.

* Not to bring articles which import is not allowed.

For major information, to visit the General Customs of the Republic of Cuba.