Medical services in Cuba

medical services

We put at your disposal our catalog of programs of health in the destination CUBA. Recognized achievements of the Cuban System of Health, the high sensibility of his specialists, the therapeutic national renovators based on a scientific foundation and the development of the biotechnology, joined favorable natural conditions and the safety climate that reigns in the country, are sufficient reasons to gain access to Cuba in search of medical attention. On having requested the Medical Services through of, you will receive a discount of 1% of the prices of the treatments.

Medical programs

1.- OFFERS: Services Quality of life in International Clinic. (more info)

2.- OFFERS: Dental Service in International Clinic of Varadero. (more info)

3.- OFFERS: Programs for the Rehabilitation of the Addictions in Villa Clara. (more info)

4.- Basic medical Checkup: Special offer. (more info)

5.- OFFERS: Courses Posgrados and Pregrade, Workshops, Interships in University of Medical sciences Matanzas. (more info)

6.- OFFERS: Service of Physiotherapy. (more info)


NOTICES: You will be able to request information on other programs or medical treatments of your interest.

Medical institutions

medical services

Clinical and surgical services are offered in all the medical specialties. Medical attention of specializing urgency exists 24 hours of the day and visits are done to domicile and medical accompaniment of the patient on the outside.

medical services

It is provided with a modern place of physical medicine and rehabilitation, which develops recovery programs before neurological, orthopedic, cardiovascular, respiratory illnesses, logopédicas, of speech therapy and audiología. They are characterized by intensive, systematical and integral activities.

medical services

Out-standing Cuban health center dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and investigation of the cancer. Key for the assistance and teaching in the field of the oncology. Pioneering institution in the achievement of clinical essays in Latin America.

medical services

Cuban health center of third level of attention, which offers specializing services of diagnosis and treatment of this one and other ocular illnesses. It develops a therapy combined for the retinosis pigmentaria.

medical services

National governing center for the Cardiology and the Cardiovascular Surgery. For years the professionals of this center have devoted themselves to depth to the investigations, the assistance and the teaching.

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